Discover Bursa: A Day Trip Adventure includes a Bursa Tour Day Trip from Istanbul with an English and Arabic-speaking Professional Guide. Tour starts at 09:00, ends at 22:00.

Bursa Tour Day Trip from Istanbul Highlights:

Escape to Bursa: Experience the charm of Bursa, offering an alternative life, colorful streets, rich history, and delightful cuisine.

Convenient Pick-up: Begin your day with pick-up from centrally located hotels in Istanbul between 08:00-09:00.

Scenic Ferry Ride: Enjoy a ferry ride to Yalova city, providing a refreshing start to your journey.

Optional ATV Safari: Opt for an adventurous ATV safari ride in Yalova at an extra cost to add excitement to your day.

Drive to Bursa City: Embark on a picturesque 1-hour drive to Bursa, passing through captivating landscapes.

Turkish Delight Shop: Visit a Turkish Delight shop in Bursa, exploring the delightful flavors of this traditional treat.

Mount Uludag Exploration: Explore Mount Uludag, enjoying the scenic beauty and discovering the 600-year-old Plane Tree on the way.

Local Jam Store Visit: Visit a local jam store with a selection of over 40 different jams, showcasing the region's flavors.

Lunch at Kerasus Restaurant: Indulge in a lunch break at Kerasus Restaurant, savoring delicious local cuisine.

Leisure Time at Mount Uludag: Spend around an hour at Mount Uludag, soaking in the atmosphere and weather-dependent extended exploration.

Cable Car Ride: Enjoy a 45-minute cable car ride back to the city center, with an optional chair lift at an extra cost.

Green Mosque and Green Tomb: Visit the iconic Green Mosque and Green Tomb, witnessing the architectural brilliance.

Return Ferry to Istanbul: Head to the port and take the ferry back to Istanbul, concluding your Bursa adventure.

Drop-off at Hotel: Arrive back at your hotel around 22:00-23:00, depending on traffic conditions.

Attractions Around Bursa:

Koza Han:

  • Explore Koza Han, a renowned place in Bursa with tea houses, shops, and a historical ambiance.

Mount Uludag:

  • Discover the greatness of Mount Uludag, known as the "great mountain," offering a rich history and the largest ski resort in Turkey.

Grand Mosque:

  • Visit the Grand Mosque, a rectangular structure built by Yildirim Bayezid, showcasing grandeur in Turkish mosque architecture.

Green Mausoleum:

  • Witness the Green Mausoleum, built in 1421 by Sultan Mehmet Celebi, adorned with tiles on all its walls.

Green Mosque:

  • Explore the Green Mosque, a magnificent two-story

History, Culture, and Scenic Beauty

Explore the essence of Bursa on our captivating day trip. Visit historic landmarks like the Grand Mosque, soak in the cultural treasures of bustling markets. Led by expert guides, enjoy convenient transportation and savor the culinary delights of this vibrant city.Find yourself in the rich heritage of Bursa with our thoughtfully curated tour.